Your question: Where is the gas and electric meter?

You gas meter is normally located outside of the house. Look on the side of your house or in the back. If you have a business or multi-family residence, your meter is probably located inside the building.

How do I find my gas and electric meter?

Gas meters located inside are normally found inside a kitchen (it will normally be concealed in a cupboard) or a hallway, and will most likely be inside a mounted meter cupboard or a meter box. If you live inside a flat, then there will be multiple gas meters located in a single place, such as a shared utility room.

Where would my gas meter be located?

In most properties though, the gas meter will either be in the kitchen, in the hallway or outside in a cupboard or meter box.

Where is the electric meter located in a house?

Your meter will usually be on an outside wall of your house. Meters will generally be located at the point where the power enters your property so look up to see if you can see where the power line comes in from the road. In some apartment and multi-dwelling buildings, meters will be grouped together.

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What kind of gas meter do I have?

The first thing to do is establish exactly what type of meter you have. If your meter only has 4 numbers to the left of any numbers in red then your meter is an older imperial-type meter. If your meter has 5 numbers to the left of a decimal point or space then you have a newer-style metric meter.

How do I know what electric meter I have?

An electricity meter serial number or MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is a unique number, which identifies the meter at your home. This number can be found on your electricity bill – it is usually on the bottom left.

Where is the gas meter located UK?

You’ll typically find your gas and electricity meters in boxes outside your home, under the stairs, or in kitchen cupboards. If you live in a flat, your meters might be located in a communal cupboard or the basement.

Is gas and electricity meter the same?

In much the same way that a gas meter will tell you how much gas you have used, your electricity meter is the instrument that tells you how much electricity your household has consumed.

Are gas meters inside or outside?

Gas meter location: gas meters are located outdoors except when special permission is given by the gas company. Indoor gas meters increase the risk of an indoor gas leak, require special venting, and can make it more dangerous to shut off gas in an emergency.

How far apart should gas and electric meters be?

According to regulation, gas pipes and gas meter in domestic houses, must be spaced at least 150mm from electricity meters, switchboards, electric cables, sockets, telecommunication cables, consumer units and any other conductors.

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How do I read my gas meter at home?

To accurately read your natural gas meter, follow the steps below: Read the dials left to right. If the hand is between two numbers, always select the lower number. When the hand is between “9” and “0,” then “9” is considered the lower number.