What is its function in a household electric circuit?

State its purpose in the household electric circuit. Solution: … Its purpose is to safeguard the circuit and the appliance connected to the circuit from being damaged if the current exceeds the limit of the fuse due to voltage fluctuations or short circuits.

What is an Electric fuse what is its function in a household electric circuit?

FUSE: “Is a safety device that is used to limit the current in an electric circuit. PURPOSE OF FUSE IN HOUSEHOLD CIRCUIT: It safeguards the circuit and the appliance connected in the circuit from being damaged if the current in the circuit exceeds the specified value due to voltage fluctuation or short-circuiting.

What is the function of an electric circuit?

A circuit is the closed loop through which electricity can flow. A closed circuit allows an uninterrupted flow of electricity from the source of power, through the conductor or wire, to the load, and then back again to the ground or source of power.

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What is the function of domestic electric circuit?

Domestic electric circuits give an idea of how power is supplied to homes using various types of switches, wires and circuits.

What do household circuits use?

Household circuits use alternating current, which in North America is at a frequency of 60 Hz. This means the current continually reverses direction, and reverses direction 120 times per second. The voltage is 120 V, and the currents in household appliances can often be 10 A or more.

What is household circuit?

Household circuit is an electrical system that basically controls the flows of electricity at our house . In our house, the more things that are turned on, the more current is requested .

What is the function of electric fuse Class 7?

A fuse is a safety device which limits current in circuit as a result it prevents damages to electrical circuits and possible fires. Fuses used in electrical appliances.

What is the basic function of circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent/overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after protective relays detect a fault.

How does a circuit breaker function?

Breakers are installed in an electrical panel (breaker box) and each circuit is attached to a singular breaker. The breaker will monitor the circuit and in the event of a complication such as an overload, the breaker will immediately shut off that circuit.

What is the function of cell or battery in an electric circuit?

The role of a battery (or cell) in an electric circuit is to supply energy to the circuit by doing work upon the charge to move it from the low energy terminal to the high energy terminal.

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What is household electric current?

In the U.S., household current is delivered on three wires, a neutral wire and two hot wires. The voltage between either hot wire and the neutral wire is somewhere around 110 to 120 volts, RMS (root mean square). The voltage between the two hot wires is around 220 to 240 volts, RMS.

What is a circuit in home wiring?

In house wiring, a circuit usually indicates a group of lights or receptacles connected along such a path. Each circuit can be traced from its beginning in the service panel or subpanel through various receptacles, fixtures, and/or appliances and back.

What is the importance of earthing in household circuit?

Earthing is used to protect you from an electric shock. It does this by providing a path (a protective conductor) for a fault current to flow to earth. It also causes the protective device (either a circuit-breaker or fuse) to switch off the electric current to the circuit that has the fault.

What is household circuit class 12?

The household circuit, all. appliances are connected in parallel with mains. The switches are connected in series with each appliance in live. wire. 5 amperes switches are required for the normal appliances like bulbs fluorescent tubes and fans etc.