How do you fill an electric towel radiator?

Shake up bottle of fluid and pour it into the top of the rail. Once all the fluid has been poured in, pour in water until about an inch from the top of the towel rail. Please ensure there is a gap between the water and the top of the rail, this will allow the solution to expand when it gets hot.

How do you top up an electric towel rail?

Top-up the towel rail by removing one of the top plugs and fill it with water only allowing around 10% of the height for expansion when the water gets hot. If you are refilling a towel warmer from empty then a combination of 85% water and 15% corrosion inhibitor is recommended.

Do electric towel rails need filling?

If you have purchased Dry type electric towel rail with built-in element, then you do not need an element or blanking plug and you do not need to fill the radiator with water.

What do I fill an electric towel rail with?

If you want to fill a radiator for electric use, you need a special solution of 85% deionized water and 15% Ethylene Glycol (car anti-freeze). This solution needs to be poured into your electric towel rail before you switch it on, as it is this solution that gets hot and causes your rail to give off heat.

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Do you refill electric radiators?

Unlike standard radiators, electric radiators are not filled with water. Instead, electric radiators are filled with oil or a thermodynamic fluid called glycol. All of our electric radiators at BestHeating come pre-filled with glycol.

Can you put an electric towel rail upside down?

Turn the towel radiator upside down and screw the electric element into the either side of the towel radiator. Use PTFE tape wrapped clockwise around all male threads to assist in making watertight and complete sealed joints.

Why is my electric towel rail not getting hot?

If the towel rail is still not hot to touch the element is probably undersized (there may not be an alternative because the next size up may be too big). Fluid level (if liquid filled) should be checked; it should be approximately 90% full. … Dry element towel rails have a much better spread of heat.

Do electric radiators need bleeding?

No need to bleed

With an electric heating system, the radiators are isolated so there’s no way of air getting into the system, so you can say goodbye to the annoying task of bleeding the system!

How do you adjust the temperature on a electric heated towel rail?

The most common method for adjusting temperature will be to adjust the knob by turning clockwise to turn off – I.e. cool or anti clockwise to open and up the heat. Turning the knob could be difficult, and so pliers might be required.

Can you convert a normal radiator to electric?

You can easily convert a towel radiator to an “Electric Only Towel Radiator” or as we call it, “Electric Use Only”. … However, most of them can be converted to electric use too. To do so, instead of buying a pair of valves, you will simply need to purchase an electric heating element and a blanking plug.

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