Frequent question: What is the rate of electricity in Himachal Pradesh?

What is the cost of 1 unit of electricity in Himachal?

For lifeline consumers, who consume 0 to 60 units, the tariff will be only ₹1 with government subsidy of ₹2.30 per unit. For others who consume 61 to 125 units, the tariff will be ₹1.55 per unit with subsidy of ₹2.40. For 126 to 300 units, consumers will be charged ₹2.95 per unit and subsidy of ₹1.90.

What is the electricity rate in India?

During fiscal year 2019, the average cost of state electricity supplied in India was 5.43 Indian rupees per kilowatt hour.

Characteristic Average electricity cost in Indian rupees per kilowatt hour
FY 2019 6.09
FY 2018 5.6
FY 2017 5.48
FY 2016 5.43

What is tariff category in electricity bill?

Tariff / Category: Category in the bill determines if the connection is domestic, agricultural, commercial or industrial. Tariff and Category determine the rate structure applicable on the bill. Typical tariff codes are four digit numbers allotted to different cases under each connection category.

Is Himachal Pradesh a union territory?

Himachal Pradesh became Union Territory on 1st November, 1956. Kangra and most of the other hill areas of Punjab were merged with H.P. on 1st November, 1966 though its status remained that of a Union Territory.

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How is electricity unit calculated?

Just like the odometer on your vehicle that shows the actual distance travelled by the vehicle, electricity meter shows the amount of electricity that is used. So a 100-Watt bulb if kept on for 10 hours will consume: 100 x 10 = 1000 Watt-Hour = 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWH) = 1 units (on your meter).

What is the price of 1 kWh?

The Average Electricity Rate in the U.S. is 10.42 cents per kilowatt-hour.

What is electricity bill of Ambani?

tHe Antilia house has generated a power Bill of Rs Rs-70,69,488 Mumbai’s highest residential electricity bill. According to the bill for the month of September, Antilia consumed 6,37,240 units of power To put it in perspective, an average household equipped with all electronic amenities consumes 300 units per month.

How much does 1 kW hour cost?

The average electricity rate is 12.52 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The average price a residential customer in the United States pays for electricity is 13.31 cents per kWh.

What is the rate of per unit electricity?

6.00 per unit (existing rate of Rs. 5.90) for the first 500 units of monthly consumption and Rs. 7.30 per unit (existing rate of Rs. 7.20) for consumption above 500 units.

How do I calculate my home electricity bill?

Bill ($) = Energy use (kWh) x Energy price ($/kWh)

The short, cold days of winter mean you are likely to use heaters and lights more often.

What is rate of electricity in UP?

Urban domestic consumers will continue to pay at the rate of Rs 5.50/unit for the first 150 units, Rs 6/unit for next 151-300 units, Rs 6.50/unit for 301-500 units and Rs 7/unit beyond 500 units. The fixed charge, too, has been kept unchanged at Rs 110/Kw/month.

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