Do electric fireplace inserts need a vent?

Q – Do Electric Fireplaces need venting? A – No, Electric fireplaces do not create any emissions and therefore do not need to be vented through a chimney, direct vent, or other source like gas and wood fireplaces do.

Do inset electric fires need a flue?

They don’t need any source of ventilation and can be installed anywhere you have a main electricity supply. … While a chimney isn’t necessary, most electric fire suites will require you to do some drilling or structural work, especially if you need to create a cavity for an inset electric fire.

Can an electric fireplace give off carbon monoxide?

Although electric fireplaces do not produce any carbon monoxide fumes, its best to turn your electric fireplace off when you leave the room for an extended period of time or plan on catching some zzz’s.

What do I need to know about electric fireplace inserts?

Electric log inserts look like a grate with logs and have built in lights that create a flame like effect on the walls of your existing fireplace. Log inserts also have a built in heater, and come with an included remote allowing you to control the flame height, intensity, heat and even the ember bed lighting.

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Are ventless electric fireplaces safe?

Even though heavily regulated for safety, several states including California and Massachusetts have banned ventless systems (so have Canada and several other countries). These systems are growing in popularity, especially in the Northeast Florida area, because they are so easy to install.

Does a fireplace need a vent?

Traditional gas fireplaces, like their wood-burning cousins, require an exhaust flue (vent) to remove harmful fumes from the home. When possible, an existing chimney is used to run a new flue, but in a home without a chimney, the high cost to install venting can sideline the project permanently.

Can you just plug in an electric fire?

Yes, electric fires really do just plug in! … However, you can also find some ‘plug in and go’ type electric fire suites. These simply come straight out of the box in one piece and can be plugged directly into the wall for immediate use.

Are electric fireplace inserts safe?

When compared to gas and wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are often the safest option and eliminate many potential safety worries. … No dangerous smoke or fumes are produced, making them an ideal solution not only for the safety conscious, but also for anyone dealing with allergies or breathing sensitivities.

Are electric fireplaces bad for your health?

When it comes to electric fireplace safety, a huge benefit is that they do not emit any harmful gases and fumes such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Electric fireplaces leave a much smaller carbon footprint because no harmful or lethal gases and toxins are released into the environment.

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How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

The average electric fireplace uses nearly 1500 watts of power. If you use it just for ambience, then the cost can range anywhere from $0.003 to $0.03 per hour. However, if you use a heating unit as well, the costs will go up to around $0.09 per hour for a medium setting and $0.18 per hour for the maximum setting.

What is the standard size for an electric fireplace insert?

The base dimensions are 12 inches deep. The hidden panel, whose top 9 inches can be sealed in is 9.097 inches high and 27.250 inches wide. The viewing hole size is 28.160 inches wide and 22.7 inches high. The base for the insert, the wall framing, is 28.167 inches by 31.723 inches by 12 inches.

What is the most realistic electric fireplace insert?

The 5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces in 2020

  • 1.) Dimplex Revillusion Built-In Firebox (43.25”)
  • 2.) Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Fireplace (74”)
  • 3.) Dimplex Optimyst II Insert (28”)
  • 4.) Dimplex Opti-V Duet Fireplace Insert (54.25”)
  • 5.) Dimplex Ignite XL Linear Electric Fireplace (100”)

How do you install an electric fireplace insert in an existing fireplace?

Installation Steps

  1. Put a Cover Plate on Your Chimney. It is recommended to put a cover plate on your chimney before installing an electric insert to prevent water from coming in. …
  2. Close and Seal the Damper. …
  3. Install a Power Outlet. …
  4. Insert the Firebox into Your Fireplace. …
  5. Attach The Trim or The Frame.