Your question: What is multiplying factor in electricity bill?

The consumption recorded by the meter is therefore less than the actual consumption of the customer in the same proportion. To arrive at actual consumption of customer, consumption registered by meter is multiplied by proportionality factor which is called Multiplying factor or MF.

What is multiplication factor in electricity bill?

It is the factor that is used to multiply the reading of the energy meter to get the actual energy consumption. If the M.F is 10, and the energy meter reading difference (the difference is used because energy meter reading is cumulative) is 45 for a period. The actual energy used for the period is 45×10 = 450 KWH.

What is multiplying factor of energy meter?

Multiplication Factor of Energy Meter is calculated as below. Multiplication Factor = (External CT Ratio x External PT Ratio) / (Meter CT Ratio x Meter PT Ratio) You can find the meter CT and PT ratio in the manufacturer manual. Usually both the ratios are 1.

What do you mean by multiplying factor?

: the ratio of the number of neutrons produced in a nuclear pile to the number disappearing that must equal or exceed unity for a chain reaction to take place. — called also reproduction constant, reproduction factor.

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What is the use of multiplication factor?

Multiplication factor can be defined as the ratio of number of neutrons produced in a nuclear pile to the number disappearing that must be equal or must exceed the unity for a chain reaction so as to take place and this is also called reproduction constant or reproduction factor.

What is multiplying factor in percentage?

MF (Multiplying Factor) corresponding to x% increase is 1 + (x/100) and x% decrease is 1 – (x/100). If a number for e.g. 200 is increased by 30% what will be the final number ? = 260. so here 1.3 is the multiplying Factor corresponding to 30%.

What is multiplying factor in CGPA?

The National Institute of Technology, Delhi uses a multiplication factor of 9.5 to convert CGPA to equivalent Percentage of Marks. For example CGPA 7.5 is equal to 7l. 25% marks.

How do you calculate the electric meter multiplier?

The amount by which the voltage and current are reduced is known as the circuit multiplier. The circuit multiplier (external) is not indicated on your meter. Billing multiplier – (circuit multiplier) x (meter multiplier) = 240 x 2 = 480. This billing multiplier is indicated on your account invoice.

What is meter multiplier?

Meter Multiplier. For electric meters, this is the ratio of the customer’s total load to the amount of the load flowing through the meter. Residential, farm and small commercial meters usually have a multiplier of one. That means all of the electricity used flows through the meter.

What is effective multiplication factor?

The effective multiplication factor is the ratio of the neutrons produced by fission in one neutron generation to the number of neutrons lost through absorption in the preceding neutron generation.

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What do we call the answer in multiplication?

In multiplication, the numbers being multiplied are called factors; the result of the multiplication is called the product. In division, the number being divided is the dividend, the number that divides it is the divisor, and the result of the division is the quotient.

What is the multiplication factor used for the determination of maximum current carrying capacity?

0.9 – Multiplication factor used for determination of maximum current carrying capacity of 11 kV line.