Why must there be an electric field inside a current carrying conductor?

Suggest why there must be an electric field inside a current-carrying conductor. To have a current, electrons must be accelerated along the wire and so an electric force must act on them. This is provided by the electric field. … Gravitational force is always attractive while electric force can be repulsive.

Why should there be an electric field inside a current carrying conductor?

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When charges flow through wire , it generates current . Because current :- flow of charges in wire per unit time is known as current. … Hence, due to electric force , field must introduce inside the current carrying conductor.

Is there electric field inside a current carrying conductor?

A more direct answer to your question: Yes, there are both electric fields and magnetic fields around the conductor while there’s current flowing through it. This is guaranteed by Maxwell’s equations, and the fact that current is proportional to the electric field in a conductor.

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Why current carrying conductor does not produce electric field?

As we know that a current carrying conductor, such as a metal wire will produce a magnetic field around it, the motion of charge around the wire in the form of concentric circles. … So, the conductor does not induce any electric field around itself.

What is special about the electric field inside a conductor?

The electric field is zero inside a conductor. Just outside a conductor, the electric field lines are perpendicular to its surface, ending or beginning on charges on the surface. Any excess charge resides entirely on the surface or surfaces of a conductor.

Is it true that inside the conductor electric field is zero but if the conductor connected by a battery then electric field inside the conductor is not zero explain the reason?

False. Under electrostatic conditions when there is no charge flow (or no current) in the conductor, electric field is zero. If current is non zero, then electric fied also non zero. Because the drift motion (of free electrics) which produces a net current start only due to electric force on them.

Is the electric field inside a current carrying wire zero?

Yes, it is zero. Ideal conductor, means no change in electric potential along it, which means no electric field inside.

What is current carrying conductor?

The current-carrying conductor generates a magnetic field around it. This interacts with an external magnetic field. When two magnetic field interacts attraction & repulsion between them based on the direction of external magnetic field and the direction of current in the conductor.

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Is there an electric field inside a circuit?

The positive charge has an outward electric field, pushing away like charges. … An electric field in a circuit is like an electron pump: a large source of negative charges that can propel electrons, which will flow through the circuit towards the positive lump of charges.

Why is electric field intensity inside a conductor zero?

We know that electric field intensity is defined as the force per unit charge. The electric field intensity inside a charged conductor is zero because there are no electric lines of force within the conductor.

Does electric current produces electric field?

Electric current produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field can be visualized as a pattern of circular field lines surrounding a wire. One way to explore the direction of a magnetic field is with a compass, as shown by a long straight current-carrying wire in. Hall probes can determine the magnitude of the field.

When a straight conductor is carrying an electric current?

When a current is passed through a straight conductor, magnetic field produced is in the form of concentric circular magnetic lines of force whose centers lie on the linear conductor and are in a plane perpendicular to the plane of linear conductor. It means the magnetic field is circular.