Which is not a example of indirect solar energy?

Which of the following is an example of indirect solar energy?

Biomass is considered an example of indirect solar energy because it is a result of photosynthesis.

What are indirect sources of solar energy?

All the energy in wood and foodstuffs also comes from the Sun. Movement of the wind (which causes waves at sea), and the evaporation of water to form rainfall, which accumulates in rivers and lakes, are also powered by the Sun. Therefore, hydroelectric power and wind and wave power are forms of indirect solar energy.

Is not example of solar energy?

Answer: Coal, fossil fuels, crude oil, natural gas,etc….

Which is not solar energy?

Not all renewable energy resources come from the sun. Geothermal energy taps the Earth’s internal heat for a variety of uses, including electric power production, and the heating and cooling of buildings. And the energy of the ocean’s tides come from the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun upon the Earth.

What is indirect energy?

Indirect energy includes fuels used to manufacture the vehicles, machinery, appliances, consumable goods, buildings and other infrastructure used within the food system, and to keep a supply of spare parts and other equipment at the ready when repairs are needed.

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What is indirect renewable energy?

An indirect form of solar energy is becoming an alternative solution for energy production and meeting electricity demand. … It will also describe some significant indirect forms of solar energy, such as wind, fossil fuel, biomass, and hydro energy.

Which of the following is an example of indirect solar dryer?

Explanation: Solar cabinet dryer is an example of indirect solar dryer.

Is hydroelectric power an indirect form of solar energy?

Water power is an indirect form of solar energy since the sun is involved in the water cycle. When the sun heats the water, it evaporates and forms water vapor. When the water vapor condenses, it forms clouds. … Dams, which store water once it rains, generate hydroelectric power.

Why wind energy is called indirect solar energy?

Answer:Wind energy is an indirect form of solar energy . Wind results in differential heating of the earth and its atmosphere by sun. As the sun heat different parts of the earth at different rates, air circulates from cold to warm areas producing winds.

What is not an example of renewable energy?

Answer: Therefore some non – renewable or not renewable energy or resources are – nuclear energy ,coal , natural gas and oil.

What are the types of non-renewable energy?

There are four major types of nonrenewable resources: oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy. Oil, natural gas, and coal are collectively called fossil fuels. Fossil fuels were formed within the Earth from dead plants and animals over millions of years—hence the name “fossil” fuels.

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Is non-renewable energy?

Nonrenewable energy resources include coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear energy. Once these resources are used up, they cannot be replaced, which is a major problem for humanity as we are currently dependent on them to supply most of our energy needs.