Which electrical device works under which effect?

On which effect do these electrical appliances work?

Electric iron, heater and electric bulb all work on the principle of the heating effect of elect-tric current.

What is the effect of electric current on a device?

The two effects of electric current are : Heating effect : Bulb and electric oven is the device which works on this principle. Magnetic effect : Motors and loudspeakers works on this principle. Monorail in Mumbai is also works on the principle of Magnetic effect.

Which device works on heating effect of electric current?

The devices which work on this property of heating effect are electric heater, electric iron, electric fuse, etc. In an electric heater and an electric iron, we have coils of the conducting materials which has the property of producing heat when electric current is passed through them.

Which of the following device works on the principle of heating effect of current?

Answer: Toaster, Heater, Geyser, Electric Iron, etc. work on principle of heating effect of electric current.

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Which device does not work on heating effect of current?

MCB does not work on the heating effect of current. MCB works on the magnetic effect of current. MCB is a special kind of electrical switch which automatically turns off when the current in the circuit becomes too large, and cuts off the electricity supply.

What are the examples of magnetic effect of electric current?


  • MRI scan machine.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Electric motors.
  • compass.
  • Headphone.

What is electric current and its effect?

Lighting effect of electric current is used in bulbs, fluorescent tubes. … Electric bell works based on the principle of magnetic effect of electricity. Electromagnet. Wrap a wire around a soft iron piece (known as the core). When an electric current is passed through the wire, the iron piece behaves like a magnet.

Why alloys are used in electrical heating devices?

As we know alloys have high resistivity and high melting point as compared to pure metals. … So alloys cannot easily burn or oxidize at higher temperature. Now as we want higher temperature in heating devices so we use alloys in heating devices.

What is heating effect of electric current name three devices that work on his effect?

Three appliances which uses the ‘heating effect of current’ are light bulb, electric toaster and electric iron. Explanation: When a current flows through a conductor it produces heat in it.