Where can I top up my electric meter?

How do I put money on my electric meter?

How do I put money on my meter?

  1. Hand over your key or card to the shop assistant and ask for a top up to the value you want. …
  2. Once you’ve paid, they’ll take your key or card, pop it in their machine and add your new credit. …
  3. When you insert your key or card into your meter at home your credit will be transferred.

Can I top up my electric key anywhere?

Once your card is set up, you can visit your local PayPoint, Payzone, or Post Office to top up. Where you can top up depends on your gas provider, however, most of them work with all 3 locations. Find your nearest PayPoint, Payzone, or Post Office to top up.

How do I top up my prepaid power meter?

There is a variety of ways to top up your electricity. Credit can be purchased online, on our website, via our app, the phone or at any payzone. To avail of topping up at the shop, you will need to bring your customer card with you.

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Can I top up my prepayment meter Online?

Topping up a smart prepayment meter

If you’ve got a smart meter (SMETS1 or SMETS2) installed in your home, you can top up your electricity and gas remotely from anywhere, without having to leave the comfort of your home. No queues, no fuss. There are two ways you can do this – online or via the Shell Energy Top Up app.

Can you top up electric without card?

You can still make top-ups without your Keypad card, as long as you have your 19 digit premise number. … If you don’t have your 19 digit premise numbers don’t worry.

Does Tesco have PayPoint?

Tesco does offer PayPoint services at their Tesco Express stores only as of 2021. Customers can pay for bills such as gas, electricity, and rent and pick up parcels with Collect+. Unfortunately, larger Tesco stores, including Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstores, and Tesco Supermarkets, do not provide PayPoint.

Can you buy electricity online?

You can buy electricity online using your smartphone. Now you can buy electricity online with your smartphone or computer, check balances, monitor energy usage and recharge anytime day or night.

How do you top up a smart meter?

Using your Smart Energy Tracker

  1. On the main menu, choose either Electricity or Gas, depending on which meter you want to top-up.
  2. Select Your account.
  3. Then select Your top-ups.
  4. Finally, select Top-up now.
  5. Enter your top-up code (UTRN) by using the up and down arrows to select each number.

How do you top up pay as you go electricity?

How do I top up for the first time?

  1. Put your key or card into the meter for at least a minute to activate it.
  2. Top up your key or card at a convenient Payzone or Post Office.
  3. Put the key or card into your meter. Electricity credit will transfer automatically.
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Is Prepaypower cheaper than electric Ireland?

Is prepay electricity more expensive than billed electricity? Yes, PAYG electricity is usually more expensive than standard billed electricity but there are some benefits to it, that could outweigh the cost difference, for example: More direct control of your electricity costs.

How do I get emergency credit on my electric meter?

How to use emergency credit on your Pay As You Go electricity meter

  1. Insert (or take out and re-insert) your key into your electricity meter. This will activate the emergency credit.
  2. You’ll need to pay back the emergency credit and anything else you owe to return to normal use.