When an electric current flows out of the page what is the direction of the magnetic field?

The direction of the magnetic field around the current carrying conductor is shown in Figure 10.1. Figure 10.1: Magnetic field around a conductor when you look at the conductor from one end. (a) Current flows out of the page and the magnetic field is counter-clockwise.

In which direction is the current flowing in which direction is the magnetic field?

If you are facing towards current flowing direction ,the direction of magnetic field is in clockwise direction.

What is the direction of the magnetic field if current is upward?

There are magnetic field lines going from the center radially outward from N to S. And the magnet being moving upward is just equivalent to the coil moving downward.

What is the direction of the magnetic force on the current?

The magnetic force on a current-carrying wire is perpendicular to both the wire and the magnetic field with direction given by the right hand rule.

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Is the current flow clockwise or anticlockwise?

Correct answer:

Explanation: Current flows counterclockwise in this circuit. Using the right hand rule for the conventional current in the wire, the right thumb is pointed along the wire pointing to the left at the top of the circuit. At point the fingers curl around and point down, into the screen.

Which type of electric current only flows in one direction?

In direct current (DC), the electric charge (current) only flows in one direction. Electric charge in alternating current (AC), on the other hand, changes direction periodically. The voltage in AC circuits also periodically reverses because the current changes direction.

When electric current flows vertically downwards then the direction of magnetic field is?

We will use right-hand thumb rule to get the answer. (a) In the straight wire A, current is flowing in vertically downwards direction; therefore, the direction of magnetic field around it will be clockwise.

What is the direction of magnetic field if current is induced vertically up?

Answer: Since the change in flux is increasing in the upwards direction, Lenz’s law tells us that the induced current’s induced magnetic field must resist that, and point downwards on the inside of the loop. Using the right hand rule, we can see that we end up with an induced current in the clockwise direction.

What is into the page and out of the page?

Explanation: Think of it like this. we have 4 direction on the page i.e. up, down, right and left but 2 more direction can exist in 3d those are into the page and out of the page.

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What is the direction of the current flowing through the wire left or right?

The direction of an electric current is by convention the direction in which a positive charge would move. Thus, the current in the external circuit is directed away from the positive terminal and toward the negative terminal of the battery. Electrons would actually move through the wires in the opposite direction.

What is the direction of the magnetic force on the electron?

The direction of the force acting on the electron is the direction the palm of the left hand faces. The direction of the magnetic field, the direction of the moving charge, and the direction of the force on the particle are all perpendicular to each other.

What is current force?

The force that exists today. The current force represents actual force structure and/or manning available to meet present contingencies. It is the basis for operations and contingency plans and orders. See also force; Intermediate Force Planning Level; Programmed Forces.