What’s the difference between an electric shower and a thermostatic shower?

What’s the difference between a thermostatic shower and an electric shower? … Unlike a thermostatic shower, electric showers have their own heating element – which is usually seen in a box on the wall – so they only need a cold water supply, whereas thermostatic showers need hot and cold water.

Is a thermostatic shower the same as electric?

Thermostatic showers are not electric as they rely on the mains water supply to function. A combination of water pressure and water temperature is what allows the shower to work. Electric showers have their own heating element, so they use only cold water, whereas thermostatic showers use both hot and cold water.

Is a thermostatic electric shower better?

Thermostatic power showers are better because they use a thermostat to sense, adjust and maintain a stable temperature, which you can set yourself. Meanwhile, digital power showers use a digital display and digital controls to do the same job with more precision. You set the temperature and let the shower do the rest.

Can I replace my electric shower with a thermostatic shower?

Yes you could fit a pump to improve flow / pressure ,and pipework ,hot and cold ,from loft tank and cylinder ,would need to be installed to the shower valve.

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How do I know if my shower is thermostatic?

Electric shower controls usually use a box on the wall. You can then tell if you have a thermostatic mixer shower instead of just a regular mixer shower because it will often have a button to stop the temperature from being set too high. If you have a thermostatic mixer shower, you’ll have a thermostatic mixer valve.

Can you have a thermostatic shower without a combi boiler?

CAN YOU USE A THERMOSTATIC SHOWER WITH A COMBI BOILER? … The only ones that aren’t compatible are power showers and this is because they contain an in-built pump that is not suitable to be connected to pressurised water supply from the mains.

Why does my thermostatic shower go cold?

Thermostatic mixer showers: If the temperature of your thermostatic mixer shower keeps fluctuating wildly (getting boiling hot or freezing cold), the thermostatic cartridge probably needs replacing. … If the shower works fine without the head attached, then the head is reducing the flow and needs cleaning.

Do thermostatic showers reduce pressure?

This is because thermostatic valves react to the temperature, not the pressure of the water. … When water exceeds the maximum set temperature, the element expands to reduce the flow of hot water, and allow more cold into the mix.

What’s the best electric shower to get?

The best electric showers to buy

  1. Triton Seville 7.5kW to 10.5kW: The best budget electric shower. …
  2. Triton T80z Fast-Fit: The most versatile budget option. …
  3. Bristan Bliss 3: The best value shower for style and digital controls. …
  4. Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kW to 10.5kW: The best stylish shower for less.
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Are power showers better than electric showers?

Power showers offer a more pleasant shower experience with a powerful flow rate. The electric shower is generally more efficient and cheaper to run with less water being wasted; however, you risk spending extra on your electricity bills if you’re on a high tariff.

Why have a thermostatic shower?

A thermostatic mixer maintains an exact water temperature for the duration of your shower. It protects you from any sudden changes in the water supply to the shower, so even if somebody flushes the toilet or turns on the kitchen tap the temperature of your shower will remain the same.

Which is cheaper to run electric or mixer shower?

Considering the price of gas is generally around 40% that of electricity, a mixer shower would theoretically appear to be cheaper to run than an electric shower system.

Is combi shower better than electric?

Electric heating is 100% efficient – all of the heat in your shower element is transferred to the water – whereas your combi will be around 80% efficient for water heating.