What country consumes the most electricity in the world?

China consumes the most electricity of any country in the world. The United States ranks as the second-largest electricity consumer, at 4,194 terawatt hours in 2019 and was followed by India at a significant margin.

Which country uses the most electricity 2021?

China. China is the world’s largest consumer of electricity, using over 5.934 trillion kWh of energy annually. China accounts for almost one-quarter of global energy consumption. The country is known for running mainly on coal but has also shifted to natural gas and renewable energy sources in recent years.

Which country uses the most electricity per capita?

Canada has the greatest per capita consumption of electricity in the world. In 2018, Canada’s electricity consumption averaged 15.4 megawatt hours for every resident. The population in North America use notably more power than populations in other developed regions such as Europe.

What city uses the most electricity in the world?

In 2017, Miami had the highest average monthly electricity usage with 1,125 kilowatt hours used on average. San Francisco had the lowest average usage with just 261 kilowatt hours. Electricity is used as a power source for a variety of things in the U.S. including cooling, technology, and some transportation.

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Who uses the most energy in the world?

China is the largest consumer of primary energy in the world, using some 145.46 exajoules in 2020. This is far more than was consumed by the United States, which ranks second. The majority of primary energy fuels is still derived from fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Who uses the most electricity in the US?

Texas consumes more electricity than any other state

Industrial hub Texas is the leading electricity consuming U.S. state. In 2019, the Southwestern state, which houses major refinery complexes and is also home to nearly 30 million people, uses far more electricity than any other state in the country.

Which country consume the most energy in the near future?

In 2017, global electricity consumption increased 2.5 percent to reach 25,721 Twh. When it comes to consumption, China uses the most of any country at 25.9 percent, followed by the United States with 17.5 percent. On a per capita basis, the situation is different, however.

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What city uses the least electricity?

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Least Electricity Usage Most Electricity Usage
1 Burlington, VT Phoenix, AZ
2 Concord, CA San Antonio, TX
3 San Jose, CA Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
4 Sacramento, CA Tampa, FL

What country uses the least amount of energy?

Among OECD nations, Iceland, Canada and South Korea are the most energy-intensive, while Estonia, Ireland and the U.K. are the least. Estonia, in fact, reduced its energy intensity the most of any OECD member state: a 59.8% decrease since 1993, largely due to structural changes in the country’s manufacturing base.

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What is the most efficient city in the world?

Reykjavik, Iceland

In more ways than one, Reykjavik takes the cake for the most energy-efficient city on the planet.