Quick Answer: How do I write a letter to the Electric Department for default in meter?

I would like to inform you that my electricity meter is not working for the last 2 months (more/less). I am writing to you because I would like to request to change my electric meter. (Describe in your words). There has been no meter reding and you are sending average bills.

How do I write a complaint letter about my electric meter?

Dear Sir/Madam, I, (Name of the Consumer), would like to lodge a complaint regarding the faulty electric meter at my residence. My electricity consumer no. is …………… with area code ……….. My address is ………………………………….

How do I write a letter to the electric Department?

Respected Sir, With due respect, I would like to state that I am [Name of the applicant]. I live at [Name of the village], [Name of the P.O], [Name of the P.S],[Name of the Dist]. On [Mention date] I need [Mention wat] electric for the purpose of [mention the reason of connection].

How do I write a complaint letter to electricity?

I am writing a complaint in regards to the rising electricity bill. The electricity bill has been extremely high lately. I am a single mother/bachelor (your current status) with a few children and I cannot handle such high prices. (Show your actual problem and situation).

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How do I write a letter to the electric meter?

Respected sir, With due respect, I would like to tell you that I have bought a new apartment (Area and address name), and I want an electric meter there as it is not provided yet. I want you to process my request on urgent basis as I have to shift there by the end of this month along with my family.

How do I write a letter of complaint?

What to include in a complaint letter

  1. describe your problem and the outcome you want.
  2. include key dates, such as when you purchased the goods or services and when the problem occurred.
  3. identify what action you’ve already taken to fix the problem and what you will do if you and the seller cannot resolve the problem.

Who is responsible for faulty electricity meter?

Your supplier is responsible for making sure your meter works properly. If you’re a tenant and your landlord pays the energy bills, tell them you think the meter might be faulty. They will be responsible for contacting the energy supplier and sorting out the issue.

How do I send power cut to manager?

My name is __________ (name) and I am working in __________ (Department) department of your reputed company as _________ (Designation) having employee ID _______ (Employee ID). I am most respectfully writing this mail to inform you about the frequent power cuts we are facing nowadays in our office’s locality.

What is the format for formal letter?

A formal letter comprises 6 elements: the Address (Sender’s/Receiver’s), Date, Salutation, Subject, Body Text & Ending.

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Who is the head of electricity office?

The current Union Cabinet Minister is Raj Kumar Singh. The ministry is charged with overseeing electricity production and infrastructure development, including generation, transmission, and delivery, as well as maintenance projects.

How do I write a complaint letter to the electrical department for excess billing in English?

Reg Consumer no. :

There seems to be a mistake in the reading for the last month; it is mentioned as 19328 instead of 20328 as the final reading of the last month. As such there is a mistake of 1000 units in the bill. Please rectify this mistake so that I can pay actual amount. Thanking you in anticipation.

How can I write application for electric meter in English?

I would like to inform you that the meter for the above-mentioned electricity connection is not working properly. The meter is _______ (running fast/ running slow/ not working/ any other) and which is becoming a matter of concern for me. I request you to kindly look into the same and get the meter checked.