Question: What is electric circuit simple definition?

electric circuit, path for transmitting electric current. An electric circuit includes a device that gives energy to the charged particles constituting the current, such as a battery or a generator; devices that use current, such as lamps, electric motors, or computers; and the connecting wires or transmission lines.

What is a circuit easy definition?

A circuit is the path that an electric current travels on, and a simple circuit contains three components necessary to have a functioning electric circuit, namely, a source of voltage, a conductive path, and a resistor. Circuits are driven by flows.

What is electric circuit in short?

Electrical circuit is a closed path of wires and electrical components which allows a current through it on the application of potential difference between two points in the path.

What is electric circuit explain?

The electric circuits are closed-loop or path which forms a network of electrical components, where electrons are able to flow. This path is made using electrical wires and is powered by a source, like a battery.

What is the best definition of electric circuit?

Definition of ‘electrical circuit’

An electrical circuit is a complete route that an electric current can flow around. … In an electrical circuit a capacitor will block direct current and will pass alternating current. An electrical circuit is a complete route that an electric current can flow around.

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What is an electric circuit class 10?

Complete answer:

An electrical circuit is a network consisting of a closed-loop that gives a return path to the current flowing. … An electric circuit consists of a power source and linear lumped elements. The power source is the cause for the current to flow; it can be a voltage source or a current source.

What composes a simple electric circuit?

A simple electric circuit can consist of a battery (or other energy source), a light bulb (or other device that uses energy), and conducting wires that connect the two terminals of the battery to the two ends of the light bulb.

What is the definition of electric circuit for Class 6?

Answer: The electric circuit is an arrangement that provides a pathway for the flow of electric current. It is a device comprising of switches, bulbs, wires and an electric cell.

What is electric current in short answer?

An electric current is a flow of particles (electrons) flowing through wires and components. It is the rate of flow of charge. If the electric charge flows through a conductor, we say that there is an electric current in the conductor. In the circuits using metallic wires, electrons constitute a flow of charges.

What is an electric circuit class 7?

An electric circuit can be defined as a closed path through which electric current can flow. Various components such as battery, resistor, wire, key, bulb etc. can be connected in different ways to construct an electric circuit.

Why is a circuit called a circuit?

This circular path, which is always required to get electricity to flow and do something useful, is called a circuit. A circuit is a path that starts and stops at the same place, which is exactly what we’re doing. Click this link to see a simulation of current flowing through a simple circuit.

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