Question: What affects electric field?

The magnitude of the electric field around an electric charge, considered as source of the electric field, depends on how the charge is distributed in space. … The value of the electric field has dimensions of force per unit charge.

What factors affect an electric field?

The intensity of the electric field depends by a number of factors such as the constructive form of the cell, the cell sizes, the value and the waveform of the supply voltage, the type of insulators used as dielectric barrier.

What two factors affect the electric field of an object?

Charles Coulomb determined how to figure out the strength of the force between charged particles. As we’ll discuss in this lesson, he found that the force between charged particles was dependent on only two factors: the distance between the particles and the amount of electric charge that they carried.

What 2 factors affect the strength of an electrical charge?

The strength of the electric force is determined by two factors: Size of the charges –greater the charge the greater the force. Distance –closer together the charges are the greater the force.

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What factors affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces?

The four main factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet are the loop count, the current, the wire size, and the presence of an iron core.

What are the factors affecting the magnitude of the electric field due to the electric force on a point charge?

Let us look at what an electric field is: it is a region around a charged particle or object within which a force would be exerted on other charged particles or objects. Hence clearly the electric field depends on magnitude of charge, distance between the point charges and medium between the charge and the point.

What would make an electromagnet stronger?

The strength of an electromagnet can be increased by increasing the number of loops of wire around the iron core and by increasing the current or voltage. You can make a temporary magnet by stroking a piece of iron or steel (such as a needle) along a permanent magnet.

What are two factors that affect the strength of magnetic forces *?

The answer is “all of these affect the strength of a magnet” The proximity to the object, the size of the object, the material of the object it is sticking to, and the temperature of the object all affect magnetic pull. Magnetism is the force by which objects are attracted to or repelled by other objects.

What factors affect the strength of magnets?

Factors that can affect a magnet’s strength include:

  • Heat.
  • Radiation.
  • Strong electrical currents in close proximity to the magnet.
  • Other magnets in close proximity to the magnet.
  • Neo magnets will corrode in high humidity environments unless they have a protective coating.
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