How many electric buses are in China?

It is clear that China is by far the leader in terms of the deployment of electric buses. Indeed, to date, the country has more than 421,000 electric buses circulating in Chinese cities with a rate of circulation of 9,500 buses every 5 weeks.

What percentage of buses in China are electric?

BEIJING — China’s clean energy drive has so far replaced 60 percent of the country’s buses with electric vehicles, up from 20 percent in 2015, as the world’s largest market for new energy vehicles (NEVs) maintains sound growth momentum.

How many electric buses are there?

About 650 electric buses were on the road in the US in 2019, about double the 300 estimated to be in use the previous year. In November 2019, orders for new electric buses had outpaced manufacturing capacity.

Which country has the most electric buses?

As of 2020, nearly 98 percent of the world’s deployed electric buses were in China. In fact, the Asia Pacific region is projected to continue to house the largest electric bus market in the world for years to come, largely due to Chinese-based e-bus providers such as BYD.

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How many electric buses are there in the US?

There are presently close to 650 electric buses (total 2255 zero-emission buses) running in the United States, and the demand is over taking the production rate, and federal grants are making it easy for transit operators to acquire new units.

Which countries have electric buses?

The market in Asia Pacific is projected to experience the fastest growth owing to the high demand of electric buses from countries such China, Japan, South Korea and India. Further, China has introduced many electric buses to reduce vehicle emissions.

How many buses are there in India?

India only has around 25,000 operational buses, currently. The study found out that Delhi with an average daily ridership of 4.3 million will require 14,300 buses, wherein the total bus fleet is 5,576.

How many electric buses are in Europe?

At the start of 2021, TfL’s fleet featured more than 400 fully electric buses. This included the UK’s first entirely electric double-decker buses. Across Europe, the number of electric buses is forecast to increase by 198% over the next three years, with substantial growth expected in France and the Nordic countries.

How many electric buses are there in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen, China is the world’s first city to realize the full electrification of its bus fleet. Besides the fact that they’re quieter, the city’s 16,000 electric buses emit around 48 per cent less carbon dioxide and much fewer pollutants.

How many electric buses are there in Sweden?

Keolis Sverige has been present in Sweden since 2003 and operates 1,600 fossil-free buses in four Swedish regions, covering 100 million kilometres every year.

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What is BYD China?


(“Build Your Dreams”) is a Chinese manufacturing company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, founded by Wang Chuanfu in February 1995. It has two major subsidiaries, BYD Automobile and BYD Electronic.

How much is a BYD electric bus?

K9 has a 12-meter body length and 18-ton weight with one-step low-floor interior. It is reportedly priced at 2–3 million yuan (S$395,000 – S$592,600).


BYD K9 (ebus)
Electric range 250 km
Wheelbase 244 in (6.20 m)
Length 39.37 ft (12.0 m) over bumpers