How do I choose an electric radiator UK?

You’ll need to find a radiator, or combination of radiators, which adds up to the required wattage. For example: if your required wattage is 1250W you could heat your room using a 450W and 800W radiator. If it’s a choice between going higher or lower, always go higher.

How do I know what size electric radiator I need?

The key piece of information you need to find the right size electric radiator is the wattage. If you have been looking at different heating options and already know the required BTUs for the room where your new electric radiator is going, a quick way to convert BTU outputs into watts is to divide the BTUs by Pi π.

Which are the best electric radiators UK?

The Best Electric Radiators UK for 2021

  • The Haverland Designer RC Wave.
  • The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic.
  • The Ecostrad Allora.

What is the most efficient type of electric radiator?

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators—Top Picks

  • Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater Low Energy Panel Heater Radiator.
  • FUTURA Eco 2000W Electric Panel Electric Heater.
  • MICRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS 600W Far Infrared Panel Heater.
  • ANSIO 2300W Oil Filled Radiator Heater.
  • Dyson AM09 Fan Heater.
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Are electric radiators any good UK?

Electric radiators are nearly 100% efficient, converting almost all of the energy into heat. Despite being highly efficient, electricity is expensive, costing on average 14.4p/kWh across the UK, with this price varying depending on your tariff and location.

How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt heater for 24 hours UK?

Electric Heating Electricity Cost Calculator

Power Rating Per Hour Per Week
1500W (1.5kW) 29.45p 1500W £12.37 63kWh
2000W (2kW) 39.26p 2000W £16.49 84kWh
2500W (2.5kW) 49.08p 2500W £20.61 105kWh
3000W (3kW) 58.89p 3000W £24.73 126kWh

What does Lot 20 compliant mean?

Lot 20 is a new Ecodesign legislation from the EU which affects electric space heating. … From January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU, which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, will have to comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Are German electric radiators any good?

German made electric storage heating systems work 24 hours a day and they are widely acknowledged to be among the best quality and most efficient electric heating systems available. In addition they are easy to install with no ugly pipe work or maintenance costs like gas, oil or LPG.

Are oil Free radiators any good?

Both Oil-filled and Oil-free portable radiators are maintenance free and efficient to run, making them perfect supplementary heating in your home. However, when you are choosing between more traditional and modern technology, it is clear that Oil-free portable radiators can provide greater performance and ease of use.

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Are modern electric radiators efficient?

Modern electric radiators are now efficient enough to be considered a viable, cost-effective alternative to most other central heating options including gas and oil. Together with solar power, electric heating is considered the energy of the future.

What are the different types of electric radiator?

Depending on some technical characteristics and on the way the heat is distributed, electric radiators can be divided into four distinct categories:

  • Fan Heaters.
  • Convection Radiators.
  • Infrared Radiators.
  • Oil-Based Electric Radiators.

Are ceramic radiators energy efficient?

Ceramic core radiators are extremely energy efficient and retain heat well, even after being turned off. The heat retention features of ceramic radiators play into their energy efficiency as they don’t need to be running all the time.