How can we reduce APC in thermal power plant?

What is APC in thermal power plant?

Auxiliary power consumption (APC) plays an important role for mitigating fuel consumption and generating electricity with the same configuration of the plant.

How can efficiency of thermal power plant be improved?

At present, the most popular approaches to improve the total efficiency of a steam turbine include increasing the initial steam parameters, decreasing final steam parameters, installing a feed-water heater, and applying combined-cycle technology.

How do stations Reduce heat rate in power plant?

Heat rate improvement can be achieved by reducing warm-up water flow rates from operating pumps to idle pumps. Less warm-up water flow will reduce the auxiliary power of the operating pumps. Minimizing flow, pressure, and temperature oscillations during cycling operation.

How can we reduce water consumption in thermal power plant?

Water use varies by cooling system

  1. Once-through cooling systems. …
  2. Evaporative cooling systems. …
  3. Dry cooling systems. …
  4. Use alternative water sources. …
  5. Recycle water. …
  6. Switch to a dry or hybrid cooling process. …
  7. Switching from once-through to closed-cycle cooling.
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What is auxiliary consumption in solar power plant?

Auxiliary power is used by NTPC to run its thermal plants. This power is consumed during plant start-ups and shutdowns, operation of plant machinery and service equipment to support illumination, air-conditioning etc. Currently, power plants source electricity from the grid to meet the auxiliary requirement.

What is DMCW in power plant?

Pump/ De-Mineralised Cooling Water. (DMCW) Pump.

How can plant efficiency be improved?

5 Ways to Increase Your Plant’s Production Efficiency

  1. Build the Foundation. …
  2. Match the Schedule to the business plan. …
  3. Make the important measures visible. …
  4. Manage Downtime with better Management Behaviors. …
  5. Get an Objective Viewpoint. …
  6. Food for Thought: Production Efficiency Gains.

How can we achieve high thermal efficiency in a power plant Mcq?

Explanation: The thermal efficiency can be effectively increased by decreasing the pressure in the condenser.

Which method will give highest improvement in the thermal efficiency of gas turbine plant?

Therefore, gas turbine efficiency can be improved by cooling the inlet air. This is especially effective in hot, dry climates. A significant benefit of turbine air inlet cooling is that it can reduce (or eliminate) fuel efficiency reduction by evaporative cooling the inlet air to the wet bulb temperature.

What is heat rate in thermal power plant?

Heat rate is one measure of the efficiency of electrical generators/power plants that convert a fuel into heat and into electricity. The heat rate is the amount of energy used by an electrical generator/power plant to generate one kilowatthour (kWh) of electricity. … If the heat rate is 7,500 Btu, the efficiency is 45%.

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What is the overall efficiency of thermal power station?

Overall efficiency of the power plant, defined as the ratio of heat equivalent of electrical output to the heat of combustion, is about 29%.

What is the overall efficiency of the thermal plant Mcq?

In thermal power plant, the efficiency of Rankine cycle is in the range of 30 to 45 %. The efficiency of the Rankine cycle is limited by the high heat of vaporization of working steam.